Pumpkin Gourd photo

sylky00(z6 KY)October 21, 2008

This is a photo of the gourd I'm trying to identify. I want to try to grow it, but only if it will look just like this. I've never seen it in any seed catalogs. Thanks!

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What makes you think it is a gourd that looks like a pumpkin? The size? There are quite a few small pumpkins. It just looks like a pumpkin to me, although technically ornamental gourds and most pumpkins represent one species, Cucurbita pepo. 'Wee-be-little' is a small pumpkin ~4" in diameter. You should save the seeds. There is no guarantee it will grow more fruit like that, but it can't hurt to try.

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sylky00(z6 KY)

I know it's a gourd because it's dried now. ( If you drill holes in them, small gourds can be speed-dried in the microwave) You are right about the confusion between the pumpkins & gourds-I've bought what were supposed to be gourds, but turned out to be pumpkins or squash. (In the microwave, they get squishy) If I had known I'd only find one of these gourds, I would've tried to save the seeds. Sadly, it didn't dry well, so now I don't have a preserved gourd or the seeds. I'm going to keep trying to find another gourd like this; if I do, I'll save the seed this time. Thank you for trying to help.

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I agree that it is a miniature pumpkin, and appearance is that of Wee-B- Little. Most small colorful ornamental gourds are C. pepo.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wee-B-Little

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There are orange round ornamental gourds, a seed supplier by me calls them 'Balls Orange' in their seed catalog, but says they are also called 'Small orange'. However that variety looks more like an orange with a thick stem, than a pumpkin to me because I have never noticed ribs in the rind. That is really neat that it dried out. If you have room you could try crossing a small orange gourd with a miniature pumpkin like 'Wee-be-little' to see if you can get something that will dry but has ribs in the second year. I have never used a microwave to dry anything before but that might be why it dried. Once in a very blue moon one or two of my 'Jack be littles' will shrink in size and dry rather than get moldy and rot away to nothing. Maybe if the conditions are correct you can dry a pumpkin. I don't know of any pumpkins that will dry. However I have seen (and grown) large pumpkin/gourd hybrids that have dried, which is why I think you could try crossing an orange round gourd with a small pumpkin.

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Hey Guys; The chromosome count of C.pepo is 22, and the chromosome count of Lagenaria (gourds) is 40. These will not cross.
slky00; check out http://waynesworld.palomar.edu/ww0503.htm

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Hey, Zebraman we already explained this to you. We are talking about ornamental gourds which are C. pepo. Lagenaria gourds are nothing like the gourds I am talking about Lagenaria gourds have white flowers and are all some shade of green. There is more than one kind of gourd, as I assume you know. Wouldn't it make more sense to think that I am talking about C. pepo gourds that can cross with C. pepo pumpkins, rather than the Lagenaria gourds that you seem to be very fond of. No one is talking about Lagenaria gourds or trying to cross them your comment seems very out of place.

By the way your URL is wrong, the correct URL is:


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beetlejuicevoyager(5a Montreal (Quebec) area)

In this site,


there is the Connecticut Field Pumpkin Squash that looks very similar to the photo that you posted in your message.

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Conecticut Field is a big 20-30 lb Halloween type pumpkin. So I doubt that this is what he talking about. Most likely one of the ornamental mini-pumpkins like Wee-B-Little

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That stem looks like a pepo to me. Count the ribs on the stem. Where the stem attaches to the fruit, if there are 5 ribs that stick out the farthest, then it is most likely a pepo. 99%+ of all pepos have that shape of stem with 10 ribs, 5 that stick out farther than the other 5.

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