Can I still plant this: Pink Muhly Grass?

pbx2_gwOctober 20, 2013

Bought a Pink Muhly Grass from a plant sale a month back while I was just beginning to aerate my lawn.
Seller said I didn't have to plant it until I finished watering the lawn. It's been sitting outside getting sun & some rain.

It's been a month. Can I still plant it or is it too far gone to save?

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The answer is the same for each plant in your two threads:

Pull them out of their pots and examine the roots. If they're all dried up, the plants are goners. If they're still alive looking, go ahead and plant them...but do it soon.

The Muhly looks like it has a better chance than the Pampas, but the roots will tell the story.

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Thanks for the input donn.

Question - since I've never examine roots out of a pot before: When you say dried up - do they look yellowish or brownish & shriveled - to be considered dead?

Or is the potted soil crusty sandy brown?

What is the visual indicator of death?

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Dead roots will be shriveled up, brown and brittle. Healthy roots will be whitish and pliable.

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Thanks again! donn!

In case I was able to salvage them both - is this a good time to prune them back say to 1/3 of their current size?

vs. wait till early March?

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It's probably 6 of one with these two. The Pampas is probably fully dormant, and the Muhly will be in short order. If you expect snow, the foliage collects it and it acts as insulation. Either way, if you plant them, mulch them heavily. Pine boughs filled with fall leaves works well.

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