Blue Pumpkin

miss_huff(7)October 28, 2007

Hello - I bought a Blue Pumpkin for my dining room table. It is gorgeous!!

Does anyone know names of blue pumpkins - or a list of names I can see?? It had a 'middle name' that I can't remember - I feel like it started w/ a 'D.'

It was a "Blue ____?____ Pumpkin."

Now ... the lady says it will last me for about 4 years, if I take care of it correctly???

She said to leave it outside until freezing temps....put it on a rug in the house until it warms up...put it out again and enjoy it for next Halloween.

But won't the heat make it 'pop???'

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There are four blue pumpkins that I know of. They are 'triamble', 'queensland blue', 'crown' and 'jarrahdale'. There are also other regional names that people give the pumpkins. Most of the blue pumpkins seem to come from Australia where they are popular.

Four years would be amazing. Let me know in four years if it actually makes it! The blue pumpkins are in the maxima group of pumpkins which seem to all last longer than your typical orange jack-o-lantern type pumpkin. I have never purchased a blue pumpkin but I do have other maximas such as 'lumina', 'one too many' and 'big max' that have all lasted over a year for me. I have read that it is not uncommon for the blue pumpkins to last 2 years, but I have never witnessed this first hand.

Pumpkins that store the best are the ones that look healthy (good shape and color) and are blemish free. I always wash my pumpkins with soap and water initially and then again every three months or so when they get dusty. Freezing temperatures are definitely bad for the pumpkins and in the summer they should be kept cool. Basements are normally cool enough.

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Thank you!

Are lumina pumpkins the typical white ones?

Is there a pumpkin/gourd ID chart anywhere on the web??


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Yes, the lumina pumpkins are the typical white ones. However in the past two years I have been seeing more and more of 'cotton candy' which is also white. Lumina is a maxima while cotton candy is a pepo, which is the group that includes the standard orange jack-o-lantern type pumpkin. Cotton candy looks like an ordinary pumpkin only white while lumina does not have the ribs of a typical pumpkin. The best pumpkin ID website I can find would be Louie's Pumpkin Patch just look around at all the galleries and photographs on the site.

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There are a few more 'blue' pumpkins and squashes. Like Kiszombori and Hungarian Blue and Whangaparoa aka New Zealand Storage Pumpkin. There is Blue Ballet, Baby Blue hubbard too and a few besides. Blue Ballet does store a long time, but not 4 years, perhaps up to a year. There is the larger Blue Hubbard, which also stores well, but again not for 4 years.

Here is a picture of Blue Ballet:

150 varieties of squash and pumpkin are here with excellent pictures (but site loads quite slowly):

and the link below is the largest squash and pumpkin site I have come across yet.

Good luck identifying your squash.

Here is a link that might be useful: great squash ID site

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I know that mine have stored in my kitchen for 6 months and were still of excellent eating/cooking quality. The type called Jarrahdale is absolutely delicious! It smells almost like a cantelope when opened! Four years would be amazing indeed.

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hi im from south east Victoria and wondering if anyone can tell me how big do the plants get? This is the first time I have grown Queensland Blue"s and they have grown to be very big plants.

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There is also a new Blue Doll in the doll series from D. Palmer. The series includes Porcelain Doll (pink) and Indian Doll. There is also Blue Moon. These are primarily grown by large growers, but are a possibilty if you bought your pumpkin from a non-local source.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Doll Pumpkin

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