Tuesday in Nineties

mantis__ohJuly 22, 2014

Heat returned, but soil moisture right now is ample. Bloom numbers are dwindling.

Purify My Heart has had low bud count.

Krakatoa Lava had a poly. It is right by the neighbor's compost pile.

Willow Dean Smith has been performing well:

And as a poly:

J T Davis

Linda Beck

Malaysian Monarch is in morning shade.

Ruby Storm

Be Here Now:

Pink Lemonade Party seems to grow well:

Force to Be Reckoned With survived the winter. We'll see what it does.

Ashwood Dark Side

Mabou has had a long period of bloom.

And Tar and Feather, one of the first to bloom, has had blooms spread out over a long time.

Light of the World

We Are the Champions does not open well early on.

The old Night Wings

Ruby Grandeur

And finally, a weak plant of the old Lilting Lavender

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

you still have a bunch of very pretty one blooming.JTDAVIS is one of my favorites, and LINDA BECK is always a beauty.MALAYSIAN MONARCH is very pretty too.dont remember ever seeing ASHWOOD DARKSIDE before, very pretty one.NIGHT WINGS looks almost black, very pretty one, too.
I only have 3 still blooming.


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sherrygirl zone5

Really liking Linda Beck and Purify My Heart. You get extra points today for going out and taking pictures. It is so hot and humid here, i know you are experiencing some of it today.


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shive(6b TN)

Be Here Now looks like a very nice yellow! Is Purify My Heart new for you? Mine didn't have many buds the first year either. Last year it had 17-18 buds and instant rebloom. This year the bud count is 10-12. The blooms are beautiful, no matter how many buds you have. I really like the dark velvety color of Ashwood Dark Side. I've always admired Light of the World. How is yours performing? Kay's always seems to bloom forever. I'm considering adding that one, now that Lee Pickles died in a pot and winter set back Hillbillly Heart from nine fans to one.


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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Linda Beck is awesome and Light of the World always looks so good!

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In the 90s here too..
Cosmic Blush is lovely! Also love JT Davis and Linda Beck, so pretty. And Night Wings and Ashwood Dark Side - wow they are so dark. Your Light of the World looks great! Mine is a bit disappointing this year. Shorter scapes, less buds, and flowers don't open well :s It's a huge clump though.

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Purify My Heart always looks wonderful in every pic I've seen of it. I was wondering what the scape height is on your Force To Be Reckoned With? I 've had it in the garden going on 4 years now, and the scapes only get about 14" tall.....the bloom is large, but the scapes are small, I'm going to try moving it next spring, and hope it does better.


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Linda, I suspect I will have the same experience as yours in regard to Force to Be Reckoned With. This is just the second year, and scapes are short--but they are everywhere this year.

My Light of the World has shorter scapes and fewer blooms--quite a dramatic contrast with previous years.

Purify My Heart is in its second year in the garden. Blooms are spotless, but not always perfectly open in early morning.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

forgot to add how much I love your Cosmic Blush, too


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Lilting Lavender looks like it might be my lavender noid. I know I used to grow it, anyway.

I see lots of people grow Light of the World and it impresses me every time. Love the look of Purify My Heart. That color combination has been hard for me to find.

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Very ni8ce still, Mantis. I especially like Cosmic Blush. Ruby Grandeur is a beautiful red. Debra, I don't have Light of the World, mine is Little Light of Mine. Mabou is a real winner, isn't it? Mantis, is your Malaysian Monarch an early morning opener? I rarely get photos of it, because it opens later than most of mine. (I do take photos at about 6:30 AM). The heat is rough to work in, isn't it?


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Kay, the last few days Malaysian Monarch has opened early, but temps have been around 70. It really has that rich lavender shade earlier in the day--very striking. Mabou is a sleeper, with constant reliable blooms.

I can't get decent pictures that early with this camera. Everything is blued in such low light. Also, there is a pinkish effect. Can't get good pics till at least 8:30, and best pics are between 9 and 10 or during overcast periods later. It helps to have part of the garden in some morning shade.

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Brad KY(6b)

Love them all! but especially Mabou & Ruby Storm. My Lilting Lavender has been pathetic for years, and I just got rid of it yesterday.

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Maryl zone 7a

This was a really good post for me. I have Ruby Grandeur and Ashwood Dark Side on my list but can only squeeze in one. Aside from the color difference, do you have any preference as to growth habit colorfast/sunfast/bud counts, pizazz in the garden etc?...............Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

Krakatoa Lava is quite an eye catcher with those orange and red colors. I guess there must be something to growing daylilies near a compost pile.


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Maryl, both AD and Ruby Grandeur are good growers. AD is taller. Both have velvety blooms and are reasonably good growers. RG is newer to the garden and thus I have less basis for evaluation. AD is one of the best darks out there; perhaps the best for the North.

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