Moving gourds

greenjay(Zone 6)October 16, 2005


I currently live in coastland North Carolina and am getting ready to move to South Carolina in about a month ( late November ) any tips or suggestions for safely moving all the gourds that i've grown this year .

I still have a bunch still on the vine, but our nights are now gwtting down into the mid 50's so vine die-back seems to accelerating quickly .

I really don't want to lose any of these guys . This is my first time growing gourds and i've got close to 80 gourds , some which are rather large !

Any advice will be deeply appreciated .

Thanks !


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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

My best advice would be to leave them with a friend or relative and go back to get them when they've dried. If that's not an option, just pack them carefully and hope they don't bounce around too much during the move.
One thing to remember, they are only gourds and you can grow more next year.
Let us know what you decide.


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greenjay(Zone 6)

Thanks for the advice . Since I'm selling the house, I'm not sure that the new owners will want them hanging around here .
As for growing more next season, well, I currently live in the country on an acre and a half, and am moving to a brand new home in a new sub-division with a small yard . While I'll be able to put in a gourd plant or two ( maybe 3 ) I certainly won't be able to have the amount that I had here .
Plus, these are my first gourds ! I really can't stand the thought of leaving them behind or giving tham up.
I'll let you know what I', able to sort out here.
Many Thanks !

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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

I remember our first gourds.......LOL.
I understand your plight and your feelings. Good luck. We have moved our large crop of gourds twice and they were recently spared when our barn burned down. Lucky for us they were in and behind the garage. (We have friends who helped us move who never want to see another gourd again) We had around 4,000 gourds at the time of our first move.


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Lillie1441(b3 TX)

Jay-I would suggest loading them into a small open trailer and hook it behind your car.I think they could be moved without any problems that way.It would be similar to moving watermelons or pumpkins.Maybe cushion them with some old newspapers or blankets or such.Are you moving yourself in a rental truck or having someone do it for you with a large truck? Maybe you could make room as the last items in the tuck for the gourds?? Pack them in boxes or flats and slide them in the back of the truck.You can even rent small trailers from U-Haul and such places.I think it would be worth it to do that,at least it would be to me for that many gourds.Good luck......Lillie

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wilderness1989(Zone 5B IL USA)

I've hauled a lot of water melons and cantaloupe. Just put a good layer of wheat straw load them and go. I've never broken or bruised a melon that way and I stacked my melons several high in my truck bed. Good luck!!!!

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greenjay(Zone 6)

Thanks to everyone for all of their input and ideas !
The problem seems to have resolved itself, somewhat......
Instead of one big trip , (difficult at best ) we're going to make several smaller trips and put most of our things in storage down in S.C. before we actually move . I'll now be able to make a seperate trip for the gourds and some of the other odds and ends .
Even with the gas prices, this will be much cheaper than renting one massive truck for the move. ( almost $900.00 ).
Thanks Again Everyone !
I'll let you know how the move goes.

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