Pumpkins Not Growing

dragon49(6 NY)October 24, 2007

I planted some pumpkins 2 years ago. Last October, no signs at all. This summer, a HUGE vine appeared, which kept increasing in length. It grew and grew and produced pretty flowers, however, it is now almost November, and still no pumpkins.

What is wrong?

Do Pumpkins take 3 years to grow?

What can we do next year to ensure a good crop?


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Pumpkins only live one year. Do you have a picture of the vine? If the vine is a pumpkin vine it will die as soon as frost hits it and you will have to plant more seeds. When did you plant the seeds? If you planted them in the fall maybe they overwintered and came up this year for you. If pumpkins haven't formed on the vine yet you won't have time to get any before the frost kills them, unless we have a very very late frost.

To get a good crop next year you can mix leaves and compost into the ground this fall where you want to grow pumpkins. Also used coffee grounds work well too if you save some and mix them into the soil. You will need more pumpkin seeds since pumpkins don't come back every year.

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dragon49(6 NY)

It is a family garden. I am not sure when they were planted. I can find out. I don't have any pictures of the vine, however, last week it was starting to die, as the weather started getting cooler.

I will take your advice about the leaves and the compost next year.

I have 2 follow up questions:

1 - When is the ideal time to plant?

2 - How soon after the vine appears should the pumpkins appear out of the ground .


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I usually plant between the middle of May through the middle of June. Since it is cooler in NY you may want to plant around the end of May. Typically people say you should plant when the ground is 70 degrees Fahrenheit but I have never taken the temperature of the soil. Female flowers start appearing on the vine when it is about 10 feet long in my experience.

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