60 percent yikes

douglasont(6 ON)July 21, 2009

What is going on? 60 percent off at garden centers and it is only the middle of July. My local grocery (gigantic Canadian chain) closed the huge garden center in the parking lot LAST WEEK! The summer blow outs are happening in July!

Mind-you my Kale are the largest they have ever been at this time of year and the fall flowers are getting ready to pop. But...no tomatoes. :(

Is summer over?

sweater or sunglasses?


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paul_(z5 MI)

I've noticed some super early sales too. Could be due to the depressed economy -- stores may be trying to sell off inventory now so they don't get stuck with it later.

Just think, some of these idiot stores will probably start putting out their Xmas stuff out next month at this rate. *rolleyes*

I have noticed school supplies already out on sale -- makes me want to retch.

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douglasont(6 ON)

Already saw the Christmas stuff at one famous greeting card chain. Yes... their 2009 collectibles!


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