Ornamental Grasses for Containers??

theartist(z8 La)October 15, 2005

Hi all,

I am in zone 8 (S. Louisiana). I have 2 HUGE pots under my covered patio (outside edges though) which get some sun in the morning and a little in the evening. What grasses would be great for these.I would like some height and I love whispy, airy things. This is my first attempt at OG's and all your help is so appreciated. Thanks for any suggestions and care tips for grasses. -Angela

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For the most part the larger grasses are going to want more sun than you might be able to offer in those conditions. You might consider Bamboo for your situation as some varieties are fine with the light you describe and they do very well in containers. Perhaps some Black Bamboo?

'Morning Light' Miscanthus might work if there is enough sun. Do not fertilize or if you do use a very small amount of slow release in the early spring. Grasses generally need no fert. but those in containers may benefit from a little over time. Provide excellent drainage (mixing in very fine chipped gravel works well). Give the grasses a couple of years to reach nice size.


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Angela, there are lots of grasses you can grow in containers, in part shade conditions. Even taller grasses, like Miscanthus, Panicum and Pennisetum will grow in part shade, but may not bloom reliably. Wild Oats (Chasmanthium) will grow and bloom in part shade. Luzula's aren't as tall, but very nice part shade woodland type grasses. Some of the Sesleria's (Moor Grass) will grow nicely in as much as half shade, and some will be evergreen in your zone, but they tend to be smaller.

Experiment. Grasses will grow with less than optimal sun. They may not bloom, and variegation may be less than perfect, but they'll work. Concentrate on native species rather than named cultivars, and you'll have more luck.

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