Is there something I'm missing here?

gingerroottx(7)October 28, 2005


Landscapers around here are already cutting back a lot of Miscanthus and Pampas grasses to the ground, even before their leaves turned brown. It should almost be considered a crime. Is there some advantage in cutting them back so prematurely? I usually cut mine back once they start dropping dead blades around in the yard that are hard to pick up, but I'm not used to seeing them cut down to clumps in early Fall.


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There is no valid reason NOT to be able to cut them back now, although a primary reason for planting OG's (at least to my eyes) is for their winter interest. But commercial landscapers and groundskeepers tend to work to a schedule of their own, often dictated by their clients' wishes. Tidiness and the general winter prep and clean-up that occurs at this time of year is probably motivating this action.

There was a long discussion of this same situation on this forum last season. Perhaps a search of the archives will turn it up.

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