Selective nibbling

WannaBGardener(8b & 4a)July 6, 2005

well they did it agian this year. The Deer have visited our garden and ATE all the tops and buds off our Pink Garden Phlox. Never eat the other color phlox. Last fall I moved a few clumps of the pink ones near the garage and they missed those ones. :-) Question is--All the other color phlox get a fungus on them later in the year, but not the pink ones. I wonder if the deer can smell the fungus before we can see it? There has to be some reason why they only eat the Pink ones. Not to mention that the Pink ones are our favorates.

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harlgr8dane(5b ON)

Well the squirrels (or chipmunks)ate all of my white crocus but left the light and dark purple I'd believe that there is some type of preference on how they look or taste...

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derfy(5 MI)

had same thing with tulips and deer
loved the purple but left the yellow

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I'm not sure about the deer's taste/color preference. But my younger brother would only eat the pink tulips taht I fed him and never the purple ones.

myb the deer get to the pink ones first and get full before they get to other colors? It;s probably because the pink one's are your favorite that the deer only eat those to irritate you. although deer grazing thru the garden problably is irritating enough. have you considered irritating the deer back by eating them?


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