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judys_ont(z5-Ont)July 4, 2005

Can anyone tell me where in Southern Ontario, (Mississauga area)I can buy Ropel, the animal deterrent for rabbits?

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I was told that the spray-on Ropel failed to comply with new (??) Canadian government labeling requirements about two years ago. Since I have not seen it since, I suspect that the company has taken a 'why bother' attitude. Your best bet might be a trip to Buffalo.

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I hadn't heard that. That could explain why no one seems to carry it. I saw where you can buy it online.

I did get some 'Animal Repellent' made by GreenEarth. It's an organic product that apparently gives off an odor that deters rabbits and deer but humans do not smell it. I just started using and so far the rabbits have not been back to my flowers.

If it fails to work, I will try to get Ropel online.
Thanks for letting me know.


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chris_ont(5a Ont)

Didn't know there was a problem with Ropel. I got some last year at Rona hardware when I had the groundhog.
Didn't work at all though, mainly because it kept raining and the stuff is too expensive to apply every day.
Finally used a trap, which did the trick.
Have you tried scattering bloodmeal?

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We'll check out Rona-thanks.

Yes, we tried bloodmeal and it didn't work. Rabbit was right back, sitting in it, and eating the flowers.

We had a trap and wanted to relocate him and his brother to the Credit River. Of course he never went in to get the rabbit treat because there was a virtual buffet in our garden.

Thought the 'Animal Repellent' was working but I'm not so sure now. I sprayed the property line where he makes his entrance, and he was there eating clover this morning.

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The Ropel granualated stuff is still available but it doesn't work for me.....the spray on stuff worked for the whole summer with only one application. It was awesome!

Nothing I've tried since has been as effective. The next best thing I've used is Scoot, watered down to a ~10:1 mix and sprayed on. Since it's a latex paint for bark protection from rodents, you don't want to apply high concentrations to green leaves. Even at 10:1, it can leave a faint white residue on the leaves.

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laine2(z4&5 Ontario)

Hi get yourselve some Rue It's a herb and the critters don't like the smell so far it's work for me in my veggie patch.Elaine happy gardening

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