I GOTTA have it!

gingerroottx(7)October 28, 2005

There's a Zaxby's restaurant here that has a few plantings of Japanese Blood grass dotted around and having driven by many times and admired it, I got to thinking about how much I'd like to have some in one of my beds.

I've looked around nurseries here with no luck and catalogs want 400% more then they're worth. I'm about to approach the manager and see if he/she would mind if I took a small division....or would that just make me look koo-koo?

Has anyone else ever gone to such measures? I'm not all that hesitant to to it, I just don't know if I should offer some money or tell em I'll buy a large order of buffalo chicken fingers...hehe

hummmm...that grass sure is pretty. I think I'll go there next weekend and see what I can do.

anyone else have any crazy stories they'd like to share?

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I don't think that will make you look koo koo, but if they don't go for it, I've seen the grass at Earthly Pursuits fo $6.50. That would seem to be a good price. It's not quite hardy for us here, darn.

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jake(z4b-5 NE)

Japanese Blood grass (Imperata cyclindrica "Red Baron") has been considered invasive in some areas. You might want to check this out before you get to exciited about planting it.


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I have become very partial to this grass this summer as well. I find that having it in a container in a gravel rich mix of soil works beautifully. Position the container where it is easy to water and where it gets late afternoon sun through the foliage -- what a beautiful addition it becomes.

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gillespiegardens(Z6 cinti ohio)

Just make sure that you rogue out any blades of grass that seem to have reverted to the original green species. (Make sure you plant it in full sun too as too much shade will cause it to lose alot of its red color too.) It is the green species that is a very agressive and rampant spreader and has caused alarm among the environmentalists. There are rumors that Imperata cylndrica 'Red Baron'(Japanese Bloodgrass) will soon be off the commercial market. I hope not. I have grown this grass quite successfully for many years in both my private gardens as well as in my clients gardens and have found it to be a wonderful slowly spreading clumper. You do need to give it a boggy like or fairly damp spot in the garden or water it alot as it needs more moisture than most grasses. I created a 'mini bog' by scooping out a wide oval shaped shallow planting hole and lining it with a plastic trashbag. Then I backfilled it in with fresh bagged topsoil and planted the grass. It's not as good as a real bog but it really does help.

But just as Jake mentioned... I know that it is considered invasive in some areas and he was right to point that out. The climate and growing conditions in your area are the major factors to whether or not it will be invasive for you. You certainly cant hurt anything by installing barriers around them etc if you are concerned.

'The one thing all gardeners share in common is a belief in tomorrow'

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