Pumpkins not setting fruit. Need help

cj71October 7, 2012

My son and I have been trying about 4 years to grow pumpkins and so far we've only been able to grow the jack-be-little pumpkins and everything else blooms great and then where the flower and stem meets it shrivels up.

We live in central IL close to springfield. We planted this year on may 8th since it was so warm by then already.

We watered often and would let the sprinkler run for 2-3 hours and the very next day the leaves would start to wilt. We had so much heat and not alot of rain this year.

We even had lots of watermelons but they all cracked and never got any bigger than a softball.

We are really hoping to get some pointers seed suggestions that a divorced mom can afford. lol I really want to grow a great big one.

we planted big max and can't find the seed packet for the other kind but it was just jack-o-lantern size frm probably walmart.

Thanks so much!

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Check with your local extension office for recommended varieties and planting dates.

If female flowers are forming but not setting, you may be lacking bees. You'll need to move pollen from the male flowers to the female flowers yourself if that's the case.

They're also heavy feeders. I top dress with a scatter of 10-10-10 every couple of weeks.

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Thank you thank you for the help!!!

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