White Fuzzy mildew on Birdhouse gourds?

lmcooptx(z8 Maypearl TX)October 18, 2004

I have had all my birdhouse gourds hanging to dry outside and moved them in to hang in the workshop Friday. Today(3 days later) I went out there and noticed half of them have white fuzzy stuff on them, I am guessing it's mold or mildew.

I know that they get black and icky looking while they dry, but I have never heard of this. Is it normal? I washed one off and it came off easily, but then I went on and scrubbed the skin off too- it was ready. Several of them that have the white fuzz on them are still green though, and I dont want to mess them up!

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That's how I dry my gourds. I wait till that moldy skin comes off easily and wash it up. You'll have some nice looking gourds. It's called green cleaning.

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