Help me before I drown myself in gourds

amalthea(z6VA)October 20, 2008

Okay, so I work at a farmer's market and my market buddy is a gourd artist. She got me hooked on gourds after I bought one of her plain ones and started doing my own designs. I plan on growing my own next year, but I have some questions concerning yields and whatnot.

I'm planning on getting spinners, mini bottles, mini pears and eggs which will be trellised. I'm curious as to the yields of the larger ones like bottles and martins and canteens. If I'm likely to get, say four usable gourds off of each vine I'd like to plant a wider variety to have more shapes to play with. If they are much more productive I'd probably steer more towards one or two larger vines and focus on keeping those up.

For background info, I grow cut flowers professionally so I know my way around a garden, I'm just looking to keep myself in gourds for winter crafting, not opening a roadside stand. ;)


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You should be able to get 4 per vine with very minimal effort. If everything goes well you could get a dozen or so. However the vines are massive more so than a standard pumpkin. I normally pinch the tip of my vines at 8 - 10 feet and one vine can easily cover 100 square feet.

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That's good to know. I have some space for them to ramble and I had heard that nipping the vines helps produce more vines with female flowers.

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