Planting shrubs/trees in fall

bevingaOctober 23, 2008

I've read somewhere that fall tree/shrub plantings tend to do better than spring and/or summer because of being able to become more established before the heat hits them. Is this true for hydrangea? Is this the best time to plant them?

I was trimming some of the wildness out of my yard yesterday and found an open spot that receives partial sunlight and thought it would be a beautiful place for a hydrangea. If I plant one now, subject to whether or not I can find one in a gallon or more size, how often should I water it?

I would also like to plant some perennial flowers, such as coreopsis and/or coneflower. Would this be an ideal time for that? I planted a new coneflower this summer and lost it to the heat even though I watered it, so I'm hoping to find the right time with the least trauma to plant.



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I find this to be the best time of year to plant and/or transplant perennials. The ground is still warm, so the roots can get established easily, while not needing to expend energy/resources to foliage/blooms. And you avoid working out in the heat of summer. I still check the moisture of the soil and water when needed, but you shouldn't need to water as often since temps are cooler. I don't plant seeds this time of year, but most plants do better when planted in the fall in my opinion. Good luck and happy planting.

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Yes, a great time to plant the hydrangea - the best time. Water as needed but since it is not hot, you won't be losing as much due to evaporation. Use a good mulch layer.

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pam_3(GA 7b)

Just remember that the sun's path is a bit different this time of year than in summer. So, as long as you know that your new plant will be in a good spot for summer as well as right now, you're set. (I learned this the hard way!)

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Thank you, all, for your advice and input; I'll keep it all in mind!


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