Small holes in my yard

Drakens(5a)July 24, 2006

I am curious as to what these holes are in my yard. They're no bigger than a quarter and seem to be quite deep. As an experiment, and as part of cleaning my well, I let a hose run down one of these holes for 24 hours, checking it every hour to see if it had overflowed. It never did. The whole time I checked my neighbors yards and all around but no flooding anywhere, absolutely no sign of where the water went. So what small creature was ingenious enough that it could burrow a tunnel that could take that much water and not flood? This just amazes me, the water had to have gone somewhere!

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))


or chipmunks?

I'm thinking the former. We have them here too.

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I have the same thing in my yard here in GA. Do you see a pattern or are they randomly spread throughout the yard? I see discussions that grubs dig holes but my holes seem too big for that. The holes are perfectly round, about the size of a quarter or even a half dollar.What about crawldads? Someone on another site suggested that.

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Many times holes are caused by animals LOOKING for grubs. Those would be the small holes that are not very deep. A hole that won't fill with water would have to be a chipmunk hole or similar.


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It could be the hole of the 13 lined ground squirel. I have those in my yard, those little devils are cute and they don't damage my garden. They do eat lots of bugs and weed seeds.

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Have you seen Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet? Ok, unless you live in Africa, I'm just kidding.

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