No tomatoes on plants

peter4(6a MI)July 14, 2008

Our tomato plants are growing very large, and they have some flowers, BUT we haven't seen any actual tomatoes on them yet.We have most of them in one area. I have a cherry tomato in another area that has tomatoes on it already. Does anyone have any ideas. They are in full sun and the ground is very good and we never had trouble growing anything there. We did not have tomatoes planted there last year. HELP

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Tomatoes are running very late for me in SE Michigan as well. The cool Spring weather really slowed everything down except my lettuce and peas.

One of my plants has about a dozen tomatoes (all but 3 of which formed in the past week) the others are just starting to produce blooms now. I've got my fingers crossed for a long slow autumn. :)

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peter4(6a MI)

Thanks whynotme. It's the same here, but I have one cherry tomato plant in a different area in the area, but with the same sun and moisture as the other ones, and it already has lots of little tomatoes. Cukes are doing fine, peppers zucchini, and pumpkins, too. Someone mentioned fertilizer just for tomatoes, but I've never had to use that before. So I guess we'll just wait, and like you said - wait for a long slow autumn. Thanks again

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colleen_mi(5b/6a SE Mich)

Same status at my place. Lots of cherries (I cheated and bought a big gallon size plant when they went on sale!), but no fruit on the others yet.

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peter4(6a MI)

Hi - I went and bought some Jobes Fertilizer Spikes - special formula for tomatoes. I noticed that they are 8(nitrogen)-24(phosphate)-8(potash). In other words, maybe the fertilizer my husband was using didn't have enough phosphate in it??? It says to use them at the time of planting, but since I didn't I can use them approximately once every 8 weeks. So I'm going to try them today and we'll see what happens. Thanks

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It's possible that the varieties of cherry toms you each have are less bothered by the cooler temps than the bigger plants. Hard to know the mind of a plant. ;^)

Generally speaking, good soil and a balanced fertilizer are fine for producing tomatoes. That said, increased phosphate encourages blooming. Given how big your plants are the addition of phosphate may get those 'maters rollin. I look forward to hearing how it goes. best of luck!

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wannab(8b & 4a)

We carried five tomato plants back with us from Alabama this spring. They had tomatoes on them already. Those tomatoes have ripened, but we see now that the new tomatoes are just starting to form. We always use tomato fertilizer (Miracle Grow) and the plants are very healthy. I agree with everyone else that has written, It's just been to cold and we are also hoping for a late freeze. Even our cherry tomatoes are late getting going this year.

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peter4(6a MI)

Went to a Township meeting tonight and everyone around here is having the same problem, so I guess I'm not alone. I purchased 3 Italian Ice cherry tomato plants from Burpee this spring and have them planted in the same area as the other large tomatoes, and boy, are they ever big plants!!!! Lots of flowers and some small tomatoes. I like to try new stuff (not that it always works!!!) The other cherry tomato plant is still doing good with lots of green tomatoes, but nothing ripening yet.

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My neighbor is finally getting her first ripe cherry toms. My plants are 6 feet tall and loaded with blossoms. One plant has over a dozen toms, all green. The rest of the plants are just starting to form toms. Pleeezzzzzz autumn, be long and slow. lol

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Bogart(6 Ont.)

Same thing here. One cherry has produced already - but it's an early determinate variety but all my others (rather pricey heirloom varieties purchased in 4" pots) have just a few developing tomatoes, hardly any flowers except on one grape tomato plant - loads of tiny green fruit but now the leaves are dieing off --maybe too wet? (Wettest summer on record hereabouts...)

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I'll be harvesting my first 2 maters this weekend!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! I'm so stupid happy I can't get over it. =)

How are the rest of you doing?

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peter4(6a MI)

Well- I now have lots of green ones, but still no red ones, except for the red cherry tomato plant - I've been eating them as they turn red. It's been hot and sunny so maybe one of these days, I'll get a surprise!!!!! I sure will let all of you know!!!!

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paul_(z5 MI)

Last Wednesday was the first time this season that the venders had any toms to speak of. So again likely just the type of summer we've had.

All the heirlooms I started from seed have toms on them but haven't had many ripe ones yet. Even Tiny Tim has only given me a few ripe ones thus far.

Btw, for those interested, Tiny Tim did surprise me flavorwise. I'm used to cherry toms being sweet -- these weren't. They definitely had that more acidic zing that I generally only associate with some of the big toms. Skins so far have been thicker/tougher than store bought cherry toms. Haven't had any split fruits yet. Plant defintely stayed very compact -- a patio/balconey tom for those who don't have lots of room.

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goodhors(z5 MI)

I have been watering my plants, and I think that is helping because our rain is erratic this season. I am getting some ripe fruits, but eating them as I go thru the garden! I have a lot of plants because we all snack as we pass by.

I love garden tomatoes, sure hope fall is late this year. My self-seeded, volunteer plants are almost as tall as the potted ones which didn't grow in the late cold of June.

Hope your fruits ripen soon, mine taste like summer!

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peter4(6a MI)

Me again - I now have two tomatoes almost ready to eat, BUT I also have those horrible green tomato bugs. They are huge. I first noticed them today and they sure can eat. Any ideas for some kind of dust or spray. My husband says just squash them!!! AND PLEASE DO NOT tell me how beautiful a moth or caterpillar they turn out to be!!!!!

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I am just starting to get roma's but I have had cherry's for the last few weeks

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