lzygrdner(7 sndy sprngs)November 18, 2006

A beautifully curved swan gourd (already dried) fell on my cement driveway and the kneck snapped off. Can I glue this, sand, then clean it? How would ya'll suggest repairing it.

Thanks, Harriet

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Why not put a dowel or plug of some kind in the neck so the glue alone isnt doing all the work.

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GardenKiwi(Z5 Michigan)

Hi Harriet

I saw an idea a couple of weeks back - searched but can't find it again of course! - but basically it said to take some cardboard (like a paper towel tube thickness or thicker) cut it about 3 inches long and roll it into a tube. Spread some glue down inside the broken off piece (it is usually thinner), slip rolled up piece of cardboard inside and twist til it makes it a little larger on the open end. Spread glue on the part that is extending out of the tube and insert that into the larger part of the gourd.

I am making a rainstick and had to cut off the top part and I joined the two parts together this way and it is working really great and I believe it will much more stable than just joining the two edges together. I used Aleene's thick designer Tacky Glue.

If I find the "clear" instructions I will get back to you!
Good luck.
Magic in Michigan

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I've found that wood putty works great and of course is sandable and paintable. I use a lot of it and wood glue on my gourds. I like the idea of using a cardboard tube to reconnect the gourd neck. I make a lot of animals and figures from gourds and connecting legs, etc can be a real problem. Must start saving the bathroom "rolls". cora

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Nonnie_GA(7b GA)


I drill a small hole in each piece of the stem and insert a bamboo skewer into a good glue and stick it into the stem. Break the skewer off and stick the skewer into the glue and place into the broken off piece of the gourd. Make sure the two pieces join where it was broken.

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GardenKiwi(Z5 Michigan)

Nonnie - that is such a timely tip. I accidentally snapped off the absolutely "perfect" stem from the gourd I am working on and was wondering about inserting something in the stem and gourd to reinforce and reattach.
Cheers from Michigan

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