'Money Tree' Lunaria-annua

cowboyneilJuly 29, 2008

a friend of mine bought a house and in the back yard, their was some "money trees" growing. they were all in the same stage thin stem with silver dollar shaped pods hanging from it. the one he gave me is about 1ft. tall with about 6-7 "pods" on it. with it being almost august how should i go about the use of the seeds. i looked them up and i have a good semi-shady place to grow them i also have one of those vaccum sealers if it would be best to wait until next year.

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please help on what to do about seeds.

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marbree(z5 MI)

They are biennial for me. 1st year they sort of look like catnip, I guess, it's the closest I can come up. The flowers appear similar to phlox but bloom earlier. They like to grow in light to medium shade.

I just kept the seeds in the refrigerator until spring. Then with a couple days of warm, rainy weather ahead, I simply tossed the seeds in a semi-wooded area.

I got a very large amount of them to germinate and they grew easily. Many of seeds germinated on top of the leaves and put roots down.
They have grown feral since without needing any care. They reseed themselves in the fall.

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