newbie_2007November 8, 2009

I planted this grass last month and just wanted to confirm the facts I have seen at two nursery data sheets.

They say no maintenance, just use a plactic comb to clean it up. No cutting back. Just thought I'd check with my mentors here.


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In my zone, all I have to do is clean out dead blades. I use latex coated gloves, and it works great. In your zone, you have much more serious winters, and H. sempervirens will probably be less evergreen. If it looks especially ratty after winter, cut it back to a few inches.

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I checked at the local nursery here in my town and they say semi/evergreen. Have other places here growing it too for display in their lanscape entrance ways, so I'll take their lead.
Thanks Donn, right on as usual.

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I was given a few more from a garden sale. Too much rain to prep a new place for them. The grass is straw coloured and in the garage but were blue/green when I got them. Has it gone dormant? The soil has almost dried out and I need to know if I should keep them watered over the winter or plant pot and all in my veggie garden until spring? I also have 5 hostas, same thing. Snow expected next week. Did I miss the boat or will they stay sleeping until I water in the spring when planting?
There is very little light in the garage and it usually has a temperature of zero in the coldest time of winter.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

If these pots are in your garage, you need to water them once in a while during the winter, not too often however. Once the soil is completely dried out, they will be dead, not just dormant.

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Thanks ontnative.
I gave them a splash of water a few days ago and they seem to be ok. A little greener now. Guess I caught it in time.

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