tomatoes aren't ripening

mary_il3(5a IL)July 30, 2006

I'm in Northern Illinois at the end of July, with record heat--in spite of this, my perfectly good tomatoes are not showing signs of ripening--my neighbors have been harvesting for two weeks or more!


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I finally picked 6 early girls and a handful of grape tomatoes. The thornless blackberries are starting to ripen too. The gourds have walnut size balls too. All our hard work is starting to show off. finally. it irritates me too in the spring when everyone elses daffodils and lilacs are bloming, and mine are still in buds. I even bought early lilacs for that reason, but I still a late display.

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Hey Chris,

Have you applied any tomato food at all. This may not be the rigth time add it, but read the labels. I found the food helped alot.I always look for the earliest ripening tomato for about 64 days. I can find an early, middle amd late tomato you can have tomatoes right ino fall. good luck


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I always add homemade compost to the soil in the spring, so I don't use extra fertilizer, and mulch with old straw as the summer gets warmer. I will consider using tomato fetilizer next year, thanks for the idea. I do water them though. I could add some fert. to the lilacs for a good showing too. OKEY, blacky1 now I need a job to buy extra fert. for this big yard. If I could just find a place with free horse manure, that would help the soil in other areas-too hot to think about it now.

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I googled free horse manure-and MSU has a web site. they have 3 places near me. guess I need to take my vitamins, borrow my son's truck and go get some. In fact I may have my son go get it as an early Christmas present.

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