'Your oak is diseased, $1K for me to remove'

nyc_sod(z7 Marietta)October 7, 2010

So I get a call from a neighbor who is having some trees removed from her property. The tree company is looking for more business while they are in the neighborhood so they offer "discounts" to neighbors. Unsolicited, they call me (left a message) to inform me that the oak tree in my front yard is diseased and needs to be removed. They offer a discount of $1k with stump grinding.

They don't tell me what type of disease my tree has. Just that it is dying. I go their web site and they are not even certified arborist. Needless to say these folks will not ever get my business. Hopefully, there are people out there that will get second opinions before having a specimen tree removed at the insistence of an sham tree company.

I looked up oak wilt and don't believe my tree is affected. There are several branches that have brown leaves but they are not browning as oak wilt is described. In any case, I have a respected arborist scheduled to see my oak.

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I had this same issue but it did turn out that my white oak tree had a fungus that runs rampant to all white oak trees in the area. Certified arborists called in for a second opinion was smart. I hated to let it go but was glad I did. When I got home after they removed the tree, the core was rotted about 3 feet in diameter. It was a mere countdown to when a storm would take that tree down.

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Yes, good for you for getting a second opinion - and for not making a snap decision.

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nyc_sod(z7 Marietta)

I met with an arborist today. Turns out it is just drought stress. He gave some recommendations on watering and monitoring the tree next spring.

Thank goodness we have honest businesses out there that care about trees more than their wallets!

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