Sprouting seeds inside a pumpkin?

elaine1960November 18, 2007

Has anyone ever encountered this and did I do something wrong? I have always purchased pumpkins and cooked them down to make fresh pumpkin pies and have never encountered this. This year I grew my own "cheese pumpkins" and while opening one found that some of the seeds inside were sprouting.The rest of the pumpkins were okay. Now the pumpkins themselves looked riped with no blemishes. I just cut open another today and found the same thing - sprouting seeds. The meat doesn't appear to be over ripe and the tecture appears okay. Did I let them over ripen on the vine? Is it okay to eat this pumpkin? The seeds do not appear to look worth roasting. Any help with this would be appreciated. I am new at this and totally confused. Thank you.

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If the pumpkin gets too warm after it is harvested for a long period of time the seeds can start to sprout. It is nothing to worry about. Sometimes it just happens even if they aren't kept too warm. Oh and since I am sure you are wondering too warm would be above around 70F.

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Interesting, I guess I will have to rethink about where I store them. I thought my basement was cool enough. Thanks for the info.

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