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Edymnion(7a)November 27, 2012

This year I tried planting jarrahdale and snow white pumpkins. The whites ended up dying off but the jarrahdale thrived quite nicely. Big long vine, leaves the size of dinner plates, lots of flowers, only one problem.

It never produced a female flower.

I knew that with only one vine if a female flower popped up I would most likely need to pollinate it myself to ensure it set a fruit, but I never saw one. Would check on it daily when I went to check my peppers, tomatoes, corn, etc, but every flower it ever put out was male.

Any tips on what to do next year to help me get some fruit, beyond just "Plant more of them and hope for the best"?

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Do you have any pictures? They always help. The two most common cuplrits of a lack of female flowers are too much nitrogen in your fertilizer or not enough sun. What are you using to fertilize and how many hours of sun did they get per day?

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Oh hey, totally forgot about this one.

They definitely got full sun. They were out next to my normal bed last year and there was corn, pepper, and tomatoes there that grew no problem, so plenty of sun.

Too much nitrogen may have been an issue, I was giving them a balanced fertilizer mix every so often along with the rest of the garden.

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