Dwarf Crape Myrtle???

emilytwinmomOctober 19, 2011

We live in north GA. Bought our house five years ago, and there were five sorry little shrubs in the middle of the front lawn all alone. I mean five leaves on each one sorry. I mulched them in, watered them regularly, and the second summer they suddenly had leaves and turned out to be pink crape myrtles! I transplanted them to a more protected spot (they were originally just stuck in the clay with no soil prep or room to grow), and they have happily bloomed for three years now. However, they are not getting any taller, and only a bit more full. They are about two feet tall. I have no clue how to trim them, I'm guessing I should trim in jan/feb correct? I would love it if anyone could shed some light on these little plants!

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You don't have to trim them at all - they only ever need to be trimmed for size considerations and sounds like that is not necessary here. 'Pocomoke' is a dwarf pink one.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I'm not sure what "soil prep" means. It could be a good thing (properly dug planting hole, loosening up compacted soil, etc) or a bad thing (amending backfill soil, improper fertilization, etc).

Only prune dead, diseased, rubbing, or damaged limbs. You can remove unwanted trunks (root suckers) at ground level (or below). It's best to remove them by pulling them off of the root system when they are very small (and can be pulled). This tends to discourage regrowth, to some degree. Never commit crape murder though!

In addition to 'Pocomoke', some dwarf pinkish crape cultivars include 'Chica Pink', 'Chickasaw', 'Delta Blush', 'Ozark Spring', and 'Pink Blush'. There are also quite a few that don't get a lot larger than the dwarf ones and some that are more reddish or purplish, but are still somewhat pinkish looking.

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