Mystery Pumpkin Cream and Orange Stripe

meadowlarkacres(5b - 6)November 23, 2008

Hi, all:

Trying to locate the name of the pumpkin I received as a gift this fall. It was about 15 pounds and had a wonderful cream colored background with dark orange stripes. I saved the seed but am unable to name them. Googled various sites but still haven't located a picture.

Appreciate your help.

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Could you post a picture of it? Here is a small squash that weighs only about a pound that otherwise matches your description. It is Sweet Lightning from Rupp Seeds.

Does Sweet Lightning have the coloration you are talking about only in a bigger form? Could you describe the shape? Some people consider any squash a pumpkin in which case maybe you are talking about a golden cushaw:

Also could you describe the stripes? If the stripes resemble more of a viening appearance then you could be talking about 'one too many':

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meadowlarkacres(5b - 6)

Thank you so much, it's definitely "One Too Many!" I really appreciate your help. I saved seeds, though I'm not sure if they'll come true to form.

Any ideas?

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I haven't had luck with saved 'one too many' seeds for some reason. All the seeds I save from farm stand bought 'one too many' pumpkins never germinate. You should take a few seeds that you saved and try to see if a few germinate for you. Nothing I have seen suggests that this pumpkin is a hybrid, so it should be possible to save seeds that will come true. If you have a lot of space you should try to germinate some of the seeds next year. Cross-pollination is a real possibility since this pumpkin is not by any means common and it is unlikely they grow a field of just this pumpkin. It is likely intermingled with other specialty pumpkins. Several suppliers sell this seed, I have bought them from Thompson and Morgan and I was pleased with their seed. If you have a small space or really want to be sure you have the same pumpkin, then I would strongly recommend buying the seeds.

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