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brookw_gwNovember 7, 2012

I don't know about the rest of you, but 2012 was pretty disappointing for pumpkins and winter squash around here. I did manage some fruits, but the drought really took its toll. I must say that Goosebumps handled the stress the best and produced good quality--albeit smaller--fruits than the rest. I usually try several hybrids along w/the old standbys like Howden/Conn Field, etc. This year the "cars" (Mustang, Camaro, etc) were planted, and they failed miserably. I also failed w/multiple plantings of the Porcelain Dolls. Nearly all varieties of pie pumpkins failed. Of the novelties, Jack B'Little and Lil Pumpkemon were winners. They seemed ustoppable and produced a nice crop in spite of all the adversities. I also managed a few Cinderellas.

As for winter squash. I really loaded up on Tahitian butternuts and was not disappointed. These are machines when it comes to size, quality, and production. For the first time, I went all hybrid w/regular butternuts. My favorite Avalon did well, but others like Frisco and Indian Brave fared less favorably. Acorns were poor as were all the heirloom winter squashes--hubbards, buttercups, bananas, sweet dumplings, delicata, etc. I harvested just a few Black Futsus but never got to eat them as they got swiped. One outstanding winter squash this year was Greek Sweet Meat. It really performed admirably. All types of cushaws made a decent crop as well. However, my usually reliale So Il White disappointed. Surprisingly, spaghetti squashes did quite well, and I discovered Stripetti, which I look forward to planting more of again.

Just like last year, I cut down considerably on the gourds. However, I feel I received a really decent harvest of them. I really was impressed w/Gremlins. I cannot seem to raise a decent turban. They are perpetually soft and misshapened.

Any other reports?? Successes or failures?? Winning or losing varieties??

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catherinet(5 IN)

I'm in central Indiana, and we had a bad drought also. I planted my usual Waltham Butternut squash and watered them every 2-3 days. I ended up with about 13-14 squash, 5 of which rotted early. I only have about 5 quarts of the squash in the freezer. Its very disappointing. Last year I had 40 squash.
We can only hope next year will be better.
(Fortunately, it seemed to be a banner year for tomatoes and cucumbers, but I had to water them every other day). Sure will miss that squash in the winter though.

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My apologies--I do not wish to confuse anyone. When I praised the Greek Sweet Meat, I meant to say Greek Sweet Red. Just one of those "duh" moments.

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