I need a suggestion for a screen from neighbors

chinchette(9b)May 15, 2012

My neighbor on one side expanded their patio and built a pool. They have a two story house and now have a second story patio and downstairs patio that is now more in my face. There is a short brick fence (theirs) between us. There is an oak tree on my side, with branching about 17-20 feet up. To the left of the tree, I've planted 4 dwarf textilas bamboo plants along the fence line. I think they will fill in okay. On the right side of the oak (the oak is about 2.5 feet from the fence) I've already got white bird of paradise growing. The white birds don't really create the amount of privacy that I am looking for. Yet I don't want to cut them down and suffer for a while.

I've considered bamboo on the right side and then when it fills in, take the birds down, or just take the older parts out and let just small ones grow. But I think it will look really busy with the bamboo reaching past the lower limbs of the tree. Okay, that is a lot of information. Any ideas of how to fill in with something else mixed with the birds that will create privacy quickly?

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I was going to say bamboo, but you have already thought of that. :o)

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Yeh, that may be the only solution.

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I am using a bunch of different vines to cover fences on 3 sides of my yard in 10b.

I snickered to myself as I chose the blue sky vine (Thunbergia grandiflora) to go on the side where the neighbor I don't like is, since it is considered by some to be an invasive monster as well as beautiful.

I have Confederate jasmine starter plants, Mandevilla, and sky vine which are growing so fast I am truly beside myself.

A sturdy broad trellis for jasmine would make a great screen and no problem to do well in 9b I would think.

The sky vine you should research and see if you want to do since I have seen discussions on line to the tune of "DO NOT PLANT THIS IN YOUR GARDEN!" (Clearly I follow the sage advice of others more experienced than myself.)

Mandevilla may be too tropical for 9b and does not get as big as the others, but is amazingly fast as a twiner and grower, and soooooo gorgeous.

No doubt others have vines to recommend.

The only caution is the issue of wind sturdiness and hurricane planning, as we talked about in the post linked below.

You could always set up a camera on a tripod with a huge zoom lens and stand in your yard at odd hours pointing it at their house. I bet they will pop up a fast privacy screen for you.


Here is a link that might be useful: winds and hurricanes and big garden structures

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That is exactly what I am wondering- if I could do a trellis. I did read that thread and I'm still not sure how I would do it. I guess it should be attached to rebar and the rebar going into the ground several feet. I did already buy a pot of jasmine to go there but was sort of stuck on the trellis issue. What material to use etc. If I do one of those tripod ones out of rebar, I was thinking that may not be enough coverage. Any suggestions for a not too expensive trellis that isn't ugly? I do like the vine idea. The trellis needs to be very tall.

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I'd second the idea of a trellis with Blue Sky Vine. I built one of pressure treated 4x4's sunk a couple feet in the ground and anchored with cement, and stretched cow fencing between them. I painted the posts white. I planted a number of vines along it (it's about 60' long) and the only one that covers it is the Blue Sky vine. It grows up to the top, and then hangs down. The other vines (confederate jasmine, honeysuckle, passion flower, dutchmant's pipe, morning glory, and a couple others i can't remember the names of) grow to the top and twine around the top foot or so, leaving most of the trellis open. Every once in a while a have to get out the loppers to keep the Blue sky out of a nearby tree, but it's always in bloom, so it's worth it.

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I love the sky vine myself even though it is considered a thug. I have seen it get more then 60 ft long, but you can't beat the true blue flowers. :o)

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Will blue sky be okay in the shade?

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