Disposing of pumpkin after Hollloween

jeannie7November 30, 2007

It was, I think, a year ago, when we last discussed what was the proper method of disposing of pumpkins after we had used the pulp, or however we had used the plant.

Some said they could be thrown onto the compost pile, and either chopped up further to advance the breakdown or not.

Had we come to some conclusion at that time? I cut up 5 pumpkins we had used for our Jack-O-Lanterns last year; this year we were away and didn't have any need. But, this past summer I experienced no growing of pumpkin seeds in my compost...I had professed the whole plant could be thus disposed of. Seems my compost did not produce what many had said would happen.

I'm wondering if others have had it the same way or have they indeed had pumpkins growing in their compost.

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There is a composting forum on here and they will tell you that pumpkins are a great addition to a pile. And they will also tell you that if you do have seeds that sprout that your compost pile doesn't get hot enough (160 F). I compost my pumpkins all the time. If you get seeds that sprout you can just turn the pile and they will die (if that's what you want).

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I did have a pumpkin sprout in my compost pile, which isn't really hot enough, but it's in the far corner of the yard where I can dump organics that will break down eventually. I just draped the vine over the pile, it looked pretty cool all summer, not as ugly, LOL. It didn't fruit, is that because the blossoms were touching the ground??

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