I hit the 'Mother Load'

Lillie1441(b3 TX)November 7, 2004

My husband told me last week that he had seen gourds growing on a fence down the road. Sure enough,there were hundreds of beautiful gourds on the vines. 3 different kinds. So today we were out and we stopped by and asked the man about them. He said he just grew them for the fun of it and to give some to his friends. The vines and leaves were already dry on one vine,(bottleneck)and he told me to get as many as I wanted. I didn't want to be greedy so I got 12 nice ones. He said he will let me know when the others are ready and I can have all I want!! Some of the ones I didn't get are huge and there are 2 different kinds besides the bottleneck! I put the 12 down in old panty hose (well actually new panty hose,but I never wear them anymore so that was a little sacrifice for 12 gourds!LOL)and hung them under my carport to dry. I am so excited! I hope they all dry nicely. Summer projects in the making! I told him I would gladly pay for them and for future ones. He said no,but if I had seeds from a dipper gourd he would like to have some. I do and will take them to him next week. Another good thing,now my DH is all excited about growing our own next year!LOL Don't ya just love gourds!!!

God bless..............Lillie

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Congrats on all of your gourds. You really got lucky. I...on the other hand did not. My neighbor down the road well actually it was his mothers place and he gardens there and takes care of it, well anyway I noticed he had been hanging a lot of gourds for bird houses. The other day when I was getting my mail I saw him out so I yelled over and asked how he was doing...yada...yada... so during the conversation I asked him if he grew those gourds. He said that he did and I told him that I was painting on them. He said that he wished that he had known that because the week before he had given someone over 150...yes I said OVER 150 gourds. I wish I hadn't even talked to him now. Anyway Lillie, I'm glad that yours turned out to be a success story.

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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

Our pharmacist grows gourds so the vines will cover his patio, then calls me when he has them piled behind the garage. Can't wait to see what I find this year! We usually get about 50 or so from him.


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