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dirtyoldman(z7B AL)October 6, 2005

What has been your experience ordering or buying plants from Ty Ty Nursery? Their website looks professional. Do they ship good plants?

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Please look up their records on

Apparently they are horrible mail order suppliers. However, some people have had ok luck buying something in person.

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And you might also look over this recent thread.

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I have recently noticed that has removed TyTy nursery from this listings; not sure why. I know they has started getting a number of "fake" glowing postings for folks who worked for TyTy.

Prior to their removal, their ratings were, to put it mildly, quite horrible. People essentially getting sticks or dust for their orders; absolutely no response or help from this company. Overcharges on their credit cards, orders never shipped, etc. etc..

Don't waste your money with this place. Avoid them like the plague.


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neonrider(USDA 8A ^ Sunset 31 ^ Mid-SC)

I have ordered 4 (four) one year old ($19.95 each) Medjool date palm trees from The guy on the phone promised to send me a planting guide along. The box arrived with a plant (I did not unpack the plastic to check the condition and quantity of plants) stuffed in between shredded paper. Some of the plants "leaves" were broken by pushing the plant into the smaller-than-the- plant box. This is not a complaint yet nor a big problem. I'm not even sure if there is a problem, but most of the plant's "leaves" are damaged: either broken or browned and have multiple "bites" or brown spots or holes. Two "leaves" are completely brown and short - look like dead ones. The root may be still alive, I have not checked yet. I'd say - severely damaged plants or at least - bad looking. I guess they will grow back. These are 1 year olds. I bought four, did not unpack yet as I thought - should I return them back to them? Is this normal to receive plants in such a bad shape? Invoice is cut at the bottom, looks like there's been a signature or something that's been cut off. There are a couple other small problems that I will not describe here as they are not important although could have been avoided. I feel a bit like they "threw" the plants in my face as on the phone they were not very pleasant either (not that they entitled to be). All of this is no big deal, but I don't like that they sent me such a broken plant(s) (Medjool date palm, 1 year old) for not so small amount of almost $100 which included 4 plants at $19.95 plus 25% or $19.95 shipping. All was delivered timely. The only complaint would be there was no promised planting guide enclosed and the plant(s) look really bad and parts are totally brown. Any suggestions? I enclose a link to their website. And by the way, I live in northern Orangeburg County, South Carolina, zone 8 or perhaps 8A? That's about 30 miles south of Columbia, SC. This forum really rocks, I love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: TyTyGa Nursery

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dirtyoldman(z7B AL)

The reason Dave removed Ty Ty from is that Ty Ty threatened to sue if he did not. Even though the evidence of poor quality plants and extremely bad customer service is overwhelming, Dave felt it wasn't worth the money it would take to defend the suit in court and I can see his point. Our responsibility to the rest of the garden community is to spread the word about Ty Ty, so that no one else is taken advantage of and defrauded.

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I'd check to see if the plants have roots. If they do, you're ahead of a lot of TyTy customers. I guess you could try calling and asking for the planting guide. Or you could post a topic on this forum or the Carolina forum asking for planting instructions. Then if the plants actually have roots, you can plant them and see if you can nurse them through.

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If your TyTy palms don't work out, I just noticed that Nearly Native Nursery in Fayetteville has lots of palms. You could check them out as a backup source - assuming they aren't one of TyTy's many other names.

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neonrider(USDA 8A ^ Sunset 31 ^ Mid-SC)

Hey, I just planted all four of my Medjool Date Palms (in pots). I hope they are truly Phoenix Dactylifera (Medjool, in Arabic "unknown") and not something else. How do I make sure I received true "Medjools"? They are small, not more than 20 inches with roots, I planted them in pots, which I believe are around 1 gallon or so in size. The single package contained all four and the root balls are quite round and I think healthy looking, but the "leaves" are quite very damaged, but I hope they will grow to look better. The roots are plenty and quite long on all 4 plants. I called TyTy Nursery and the guy was quite polite this time. He told me to plant them exactly as any other palm trees, but no idea why he promised to enclose a planting guide and did not. But I don't like to complain to much, I think I got the plants, the only concern whether these are really Phoenix Dactylifera (Medjool date palm) which I may find ot only in a few years unless someone helps to verify identify them. Also the guy at TyTy told me they got "Medjools" in 10-15 ft. size and around $2000 each. I'd really be tempted to plant a pair of those, but I'll wait for the price to become more competitive, hopefully at $500 per 10-15 ft. palm. Is there anyone who has been growing Medjools for a while? Orr has someone got grown up ones planted and how's with their survival at zone 8 or even 7? I'd also be interested in Canary Palm.

Here is a link that might be useful: My favourite free dating site

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neonrider(USDA 8A ^ Sunset 31 ^ Mid-SC)

How does one identify (verify) baby palms for authenticity?
Otherwise how do you make sure you receive the right seed or the right 1 year old palm?

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Nearly Native Nursery is NOT related to Ty Ty in any way! It is run by the most knowledgeable and delightful man and his wife. I get all my questions answered when I visit the nursery. Great plants too!

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It's odd that just 4 posts below this one is another post concerning TyTy with 50 replies. And what will the gardening community do when TyTy threatens GardenWeb and all our posts about them are removed? Also, why doesn't Georgia Agricultural Comissioner Tommy Irwin do something about this nursery with such a horrible reputation?

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eddie1's question re the State of Georgia's apparent lack of interest in innumerable reports of TyTy's continuous/flagrant/outrageous ripping-off of citizens is a very good question indeed. Are there no consumer protection laws in Georgia? No Consumer Protection Agency? Does the Better Business Bureau have a presence in the state? TyTy engages in interstate commerce & it just seems preposterous to me that this 'business' operates with impunity. And yes, the 'skinny' on TyTy disappeared from Gardenwatchdog. If it's true, as has been reported, that Gardenwatchdog was threatened with legal action if it did not remove negative (albeit truthful) comments about TyTy, then we just have to face the fact that the law favors the scammers, not the scammed (at least in the Great State of Georgia).

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If you are tired of TyTy Bull **** please visit my website. i have a 100% positive rating on Ebay and sell only the best plants. i have auction there where you can bid on the plants that you will recive. thanks . ebay auction see fergiesnursery

i am from TyTy and have seen the nursery there do the same crap for 30 years, makes you wonder if he would just do the right things and sell good plants he would be rich !!!

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Bless you everyone for warning folks away from Ty Ty. I considered possibly purchasing a plant from them to see how they were. Thank you for saving me a few bucks better and much more enjoyably spent at Plants Delight :)

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Wow! I'm surprised to hear such bad feedback about TyTy. I made my first order from them last month (2-year blueberry plants) and was VERY HAPPY with the ordering process, speed of delivery, and quality of the plants. I ordered on a Friday, the plants were shipped out the following Monday via UPS Ground and arrived the next day. All four plants were very healthy when they arrived. They were shipped bare root in some sort of moisture-holding gel. I thought the prices were a bit high ($64 total, including shipping), but all-in-all was very satisfied with my order. I've actually been recommending them to others in other threads...ugh! Seems I was just lucky and I may have to think twice before ordering from them again.
Tom (Helena, AL)

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

On May 23, I finally received a full refund from Ty Ty (aka "Arrons" aka "The Nursery at Ty Ty") with numerous other DBA's.
For those of you unfortunate enough to do business with these's what I did.

After 8 or 9 attempts to work with them on my own, I contacted the Georgia Better Business Bureau. This was a complete waste of time.

The Nursery owner, Patrick Malcolm, told the BBB that he sent me a refund and the BBB closed out my case. Only problem was........he never sent the check.

I next contacted the Georgia Dpt of Consumer Affairs. Nelson Mitchell handled my case and, within four weeks, I received my refund. Funny thing though. The check was dated April 28, 2008, but the envelope it was contained in was postmarked 19 May, 2008.

I would highly recommend that anyone having difficulty with this "nursery" (and I use the term loosely) contact the Georgia Office of Consumer Affairs like I did. I have included their address and phone number below:

Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs
2 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive SE, Suite 356
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4600

Phone: 404-651-8600

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celticgarden(z6b CT)

Wow, yikes! I just naively placed an order with them, for Fall shipping for a fig tree. I never thought to check reputation. I was annoyed that minimum order was $80.00. Thank you for providing the resolution info above! I may need it. Yikes again.


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If you used a credit card why dont you do a charge back now

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

I just want to second SugarHill's post and say that Nearly Native is in no way associated with Ty Ty. I have been to the nursery several times and the plants are always healthy and continue to thrive. The man who owns it is a WEALTH of information. As for Ty Ty, I've not heard many good reports. Everything I hear about them sounds shady.

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It amazes me that these guys are still in business. We lived in an area not too far from them for about eight should have seen the TV commercials! LOL! I'm glad word is out about their business procedures...or is it a lack of?

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I wish I would have come across this forum last August BEFORE I placed an order with Ty-ty. I ordered a bunch of stuff... all said "fall shipment"...fall came and went and no trees... I had called several times where I was given the run around and finally told that they only ship when trees were dormant and I would get my order in Jan-Feb. Although I felt like this was false advertisement since everything said fall shipment, it did make sense to me, so I patiently awaited my order in January. Already not feeling quite right, I stayed on top of it and they heard from me at least once a week from the beginning of January. Persistence pays off... to a point. I was able to diseminate from the different calls, they really are just a middle man (false advertising again). They got different parts of my order from different sources... which wouldn't be so bad if they used really reliable sources, but I think they probably just use the cheapest to make the most money. I finally did receive my order... in full... not a single thing missing out of an over $650 order. In that order I had three larger blueberry bushes. Who ever their supplier is for those is pretty decent. They look pretty good and had a good bareroot base on them. As for pretty much everything else in my order, it appeard that someone had taken a good yank on the tree trunk and pulled it up by hand without any digging as most trees had very little to no roots left... the pecan trees I ordered must have been harder to yank out of the ground due to their tap root, so it appears that some Sherlock decided to take a shovel and chop the offending tap root off so they could finish yanking said tree out. Obviously, these trees won't survive... The blueberry bushes look to be very promising, and I'm glad that at least something I got seems to be worth while, but everything else either looks like it definately will not survive or would shock me if it did. I will not be ordering from them again... wish I knew who their supplier was for the blueberry bushes though... I'd definately order from them!! =)

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What I found amusing is that ANYONE would even look at this online site (TY TY) and even for a moment think they are professional looking, they are as far from prosessional looking than anything I have ever seen. In fact the first time I saw the ads for various things on their site, I thought it was a cover up or disguise for a porn site (obviously no nudity, but absolutely very sexually suggesting at it appears to be advertising something elicit). It gave me the creeps from the first glance, even before I heard negative reports. The negative reports just confirmed my instinct was dead on with them.

But this in my mind poses another never ending question....HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE REPUTATION IS, HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET SOMETHING VIABLE, AND WORTHWHILE? It's just so hard to tell to me.

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I wish, like many, I had done a little more research. My dear husband called up TyTy and ordered a 6-7' Peter's Honey Fig...and he was told it should do fine in our area. It was promptly charged to our account. It would be shipped later since Spring was coming and they do not ship trees that are leafed. That Fall--no tree even though when called, they said it would be shipped soon. Middle of winter--still no tree. After several calls, we were told to wait for better weather in our area. After a year, and still no tree, we were told we never had an order. I waded through over a year's worth of charges to find TyTy, my husband searched for Emails over a year old...and only upon a very nasty phone call did our tree get shipped. The top was cut to fit the 5'x8" UPS shipping box (UPS charges extra for anything over 5'). So much for our 6-7 foot tree. The roots were cut badly for transporting. The poor thing struggled the next year because of the root damage, but we did managed to get it to grow. However, because of the weakened state, it did not winter over. Now, TyTy has a rider saying they will not guarantee anything out of zone, and they list Peter's Fig out of our zone--EVEN THOUGH the man said it should do well. Plus, they want us to pay for freight both ways???? for a fig they will top off and ship in a small box??? How will a 6-7 foot tree live with 8" of root. NEVER, ever order from TyTy.

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got any other sites that you have bought and it is 100% legitimate because i cant find any contact me at thank you very much

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

"got any other sites that you have bought and it is 100% legitimate because i cant find any contact me at thank you very much"

Can you ask that in English????

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I lived in that area, and I can promise you you do not want to use them. Years ago they were a great place to find plants and bulbs galore, but not anymore. The store is so run down now, you feel like there should be a car buried somewhere in the weeds!

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rjinga- you nailed it! I thought the same thing, when I went looking there online for something, last year. I called for more info on the plant, he wasn't helpful. I mentioned the bikini pose with the banana and red lipstick had to do with the plant, that was not a banana tree, he was in a tyrade, protecting his, "art". I think anyone can tell what they are really selling.

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Seems to me that:

Ty Ty = Cra Cra


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