I'd like to try Seminole Pumpkin -- Any advice?

gonebananas_gwNovember 26, 2013

Is climbing better than sprawling (assuming mulch keeps the fruit off the dirt)?

Is growing in of from a leafy compost pile OK? I have read that cucurbits grow well from compost piles.

(I long ago worked in the Everglades and always wanted to try these pumpkins. I never saw one in the wild nor noticed them the few times I saw Seminole camps in primitive conditions. I did find the much rarer Okeechobee Gourd once [and got a phone call from the Smithsonian about it]. I would love to get a couple seeds from that plant to try too.)

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I've grown this several years and they are so sweet, and store so well, they're amazing.

Here's what I've learned --
sprawling works just fine (I've done a combination of climbing and sprawling, no advantage to either) But they will sprawl a LONG way! I think that may be the reason the Seminoles used to send them up a tree.

Plant early and leave them until they turn tan. In your zone you should have no trouble ripening them. But if you have some green, young ones still on the vine late in the season and it's about to frost, just harvest them and use them -- they're like super sweet zucchini.

Mine grew the best when I used a lot of manure -- which is always the case for me with curcurbits. I would think that a compost pile would also be a great place for them to grow from.

Get yourself one of those short, stiff, serrated squash knives (Johnny's sells them). This will keep you from losing any fingers when opening them. (the rind is super hard.)

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Thanks for the information!

And I had never before heard of a squash knife but will definitely look into it.

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