rosewoodsAugust 14, 2007

Hello all! I moved into a new house in mid-June and soon after started planting some older seeds that I had discovered when I unpacked (around the 1st of July or so). I really didn't expect much out of them since the seed packets were for last year's planting, however, I was very surprised when the coreopsis that I planted started to come up and seems to be thriving. Right now it is about 18"-24" high, full, but no blooms. My questions are few, but I'm hoping someone can answer one or some of them:

1) How long does it generally take coreopsis to bloom?

2) I planted kind of late (I think) - can I expect flowers at all?

3) Is it possible that by planting the old seeds I won't get any flowers, even if the rest of the plant seems to be healthy?

I'm very new to flower gardening and to be truthful I was being very blaise when I planted these since we were still in the process of unpacking boxes and I really didn't have the time for planting anything yet...LOL. I'll be posting other questions later and asking your advice on planting recommendations, but for now, this flower is the one thing niggling at me to get answered :) Thanks!


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Welcome to gardening! I think you will find that everyone here is very helpful--we have all been mystified by gardening problems at one point or the other :) If your old seeds were viable enough to make plants, they will make flowers for you, too. You may not get flowers this year, but if your plants survive this winter, I guarantee that you will get some next year. Coreopsis loves to bloom--just make sure that your plants have sun and good drainage.

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My coreopsis tend to start setting bud when they are about 6-8 inches high. By deadheading I can often keep them blooming until frost so I think you have a decent chance of getting blooms this year.

As for seeds... many seeds are very tough and if properly stored (cool, dry, dark) can retain something like 60% sprouting potential after 3-4 years.

have fun!

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It's blooming, it's blooming :) I have buds on about half the plants, a few blooms here and there (pretty pinkish-purple and a deeper purple, too), and still getting taller and bushier every day :) YAY! You can grow old seeds :)


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Congrats Amanda!!

Don't be shy about cutting the blooms to take inside. The longer you keep it from going to seed the longer it will bloom for you.

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