Can Anyone Identify This Grass Seed Head?

contesthound(6a)November 9, 2010

Hi all ...

I was out picking up the kids from school when I came accross someone's yard waste set at the curb with these poking out the top.

Does anyone know what this is?


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looks like from maiden grass, miscanthus sinesis, morning light, yaku-jima...

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Yep...some sort of Miscanthus.

Here's a photo of the seed head, with individual carriers and seeds in the lower part of the photo. Sorry for the blur.

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That's great, thanks! I Googled Miscanthus to see photos of the plant and it sure looks nice. I'd like to sow the seeds indoors for planting out in the spring. Do you know if they need some time in the fridge before planting and if so, for how long?

Thanks again.


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Bob..they don't need cold stratification, but won't germinate unless the medium is quite warm. I've wintersown them and had them volunteer freely in the garden. They start to germinate in my zone in June.

Few of them will come true to the parent. Most will revert to species Miscanthus sinensis. The biggest exception to that is M.s. 'Gracillimus.' I regularly get true volunteers and some interesting fine-leaved variations as well.

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