miscanthus sinensis cultivars propagated

her8866(nanjing China)November 23, 2005

Other than by division of propagate for bioenergy crop use,does anybody propagate Mischanthus sinensis cultivars for landscape by using conventional sowing methods?Was it feasible?Thanks!

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Yes and yes. I've grown M.s. 'New Hybrids' and 'Central Park' with conventional sowing methods.

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her8866(nanjing China)

Thanks Donn,till I search your 'New Hybrids'on google then I saw your article written on its seeds before.he he.I achieve the seeds of M.s.'Cosmopolitan' and 'Strictus'and 'Ãabaret'on 17th November this year.I plan to use them next spring.But I learned from others that:"A ten year study in Russia concluded Miscanthus had a high extent of self-incompatibility,low viability and extremely poor seed set in cultivated and wild populations;propagation via seed was unreliable(Nechiporenko et al.,1997)).And from recommendations for using miscanthussome of some web said :"Do not propagate Miscanthus from seed",so puzzled. I decide to have a try as u did,maybe can be ok,who knows?he he.

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I think that 'New Hybrids' has been developed to come true from seed, like it's sisters, 'Early Hybrids' and 'Late Hybrids.' It has no distinctive foliage characteristics, simply a white mid-stripe. The one successful 'Central Park' seedling is distinctly different from 'New Hybrids' with a wider and stiffer leaf, and a lighter green color. I'll try more of it next season, and see if the first seedling survives the winter.

PS...you can find 'New Hybrids' seeds at Parks, linked below. They call it Eulalia Grass.

Here is a link that might be useful: Eulalia Grass

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her8866(nanjing China)

Thanks Donn.I appreciate your help.:)

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