sandy1258August 12, 2008

I am rather new to gardening.. I am in Ohio in a small town called Hartville. We are doing a major overhaul in the front of our house and in the rear of our house. Need some ideas of what to plant that will be hardy and low maint. The front is shady with a few hours of sun. The back is sun to part shade. I know that I do not want rhododendrons, junipers or arborvitaes (do not like evergreens that get brown inside or eventually look ratty. I have read some postings and this appears to be the site to rely on good info. I am striving for greens, burgandy and yellow golds. I also do not want to look like everyone around me. I have looked at nine bark top grafted trees, grasses, boxwoods, barberry, sedums. I saw summer sweet clethera and was not sure as different sites say different things.. Just need some ideas I guess since I do not know alot about all of this...

Any and all of you knowledge would be appreciated...

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How about a couple photos...from not to close up.

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I couldn't get pics to post. I did however hire a landscaper to do the front of the house. I like the design
and if we are not happy with some of the plants he will change them out. They start on Monday. I read quite alot of other post and you all sound like experts. Glad to know that there is a site for good information. We are still in question in the back of the house. Maybe if I can figure it out I will be able to post before and after pictures.
Again thanks for making this site a great source of information.

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