id grass please

v1rtu0s1ty(5a)November 11, 2010

I started this from seed back in May 2008. I placed the seeds inside a wet paper towel and then inside the ziplock. I forgot how long it took before it germinated. Anyways, I have 5 of these. I really love its clump appearance. It started producing plumes last year towards the end of the season. The one on the picture was transplanted around June 2010. The old locations gets sun until 1pm. I noticed that these one is producing more plumes. Looks like it loves the sun. :)

Can someone id it please? Thanks.

These pictures were taken today a little past 2pm.

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The plumes look like Pennisetum...possibly P. alopecuroides 'Moudry'.

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the plumes looks like it contains seeds. Am I right? If so, will the seeds produce the same looks similar to that of its parent?

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If it's 'Moudry' it will. I get several volunteers every year. You have to wait until well into winter to harvest the seeds. When the stem under the seedhead turns beige/brown, the seeds will be ripe. The way to test is to bend a seedhead down into a paper bag and shake it. The carriers should fall right off.

Here's what the carriers and seeds look like:

The seeds pinch right out. Couldn't be easier. Keep only the plump smooth seeds, and discard the scraggly wrinkled ones.

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awesome! I'll try it in a few :)

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I tried over the weekend. Each carrier didn't have any seed at all. :(

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Surely some seeds dropped onto the soil by the plant. I think I'd take a trowel and sort of rough up the dirt and pack it down so the birds don't get them. Maybe you will be surprised come next spring with some volunteers no matter what you do. I ran across a couple of sites listing some Pennisetums as a pest under certain conditions.

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