Tomato plants turning yellow

sassie60(Z4 ON)August 9, 2005


My tomato plants are starting to turn yellow and wilty looking. The fruit is just starting to come but the plants may not make it to maturity. Any reasons why or solutions out there?


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dllfb(Ontario 5a)

Do you water daily? I have a friend who waters every three days or so and his are half yellow. I watched him water the other day and he was sprinkling the leaves on the plant instead of watering at the base of the plant....that could do it too. I water in the evening and at the base of each plant and have never had problems with my plants turing yellow. Good luck!

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sassie60(Z4 ON)

Thanks dllfb, that very well could be the problem. My husband does the watering and I haven't really checked as to how he does it.


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mutts_fan(z5 toronto)

Sandy, are they in the ground or in pots? My tomato bed which is a new lasagna bed this year gets watered every other day. It is in part sun (6 hours) and is mulched well. The tomatoes that I have in large pots are watered twice a day, once a day isn't enough for them, they start looking droopy and have some yellow leaves in spite of the twice a day watering. I collect kitchen non-soapy water in a large plastic container and water whenever I get the chance. I also trim the yellow leaves off - don't know if they are helping the plant.

Mary Anne

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

It's probably either fusarium or veticillium wilt. There's not a lot you can do about it other than buy resistant plants next spring - look for VFN on the labels - sometimes they will differentiate between V1 or V2 or F1 or F2 as there are several races of the bacterias that cause the wilt. Some of them just decrease the vigor of the plants and others will kill the plant. The plant wilts because the structures that crry the water up the stems get clogged.

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sassie60(Z4 ON)

Thank you all...I certainly appreciate your comments.
The tomatoes are in a raised bed with good soil and last year the crop was fantastic. I also understand you are not supposed to plant tomatoes in the same spot as the previous year. We are getting some fruit but not as large as last year. Chalk it up to experience.

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garden_witch(z6a MI)

Did you plant 'early girl?' I was told that they are genetically engineered to get blight so that the fruit will mature early. Also, if you plant them with other varieties, they will pass it on to them.

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We live in southern Texas (San Antonio) and the leaves are turning yellow on one of the tomatoe plants. Am I overwatering or underwatering? I water at least twice a day. The other plants are looking great.


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last year i had a bumper crop of tomatoes i watered every couple of days i watered the same this year buta lot of my plants are turning yellow and withering to things i have done different this year i planted in black plastic containers that i bought local instead of grow bags and i planted much more species what has hapened to me to things come to my mind would there be a toxin in my plastic containers but i would put my money on that one brand has spread to all the rest i would now stick to one brand only and i would recomend hildares very nice flavour and the only plants that are still half healthy regards geoff

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