birdhouse gourds dry?

danaoh(SWOhio zone 6)December 4, 2006

I only got 5 off my vine this year, only 1 is really shaped like a birdhouse gourd =- the others are different, but still usable. They have been sitting on a bench in the middle of my back yard, and now are as light as a feather, but I can really see why you don't let them in your house to dry - full of mold. Could I leave them out there in the rain and snow and freezing, or should I bring them in and clean them (really very busy time, would rather wait until after the holidays, but what if it gets really bad?) Thanks

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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

they will be fine if you leave them till a better time. You might want to put them somewhere that the wind won't blow them, but they will be ok outdoors.


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I leave my gourds outside all winter, but in cardboard boxes on the patio so they don't blow away. Then I open the boxes, and after a rainy day, or two, in spring, I take out a 5 gallon bucket of warm soapy water (for my hands) and a chore boy scrubbie, and work away. If it has been dry outside, the cleaning is much harder, as the skin is stuck tightly to the shell. Then the fun really begins.

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