Creeping Bramble

nwgatreasures(7)October 18, 2008

I recently saw this under the speaker in the Starbuck's Drivethru.

I want to know can I take a couple of pinches of this (with the manager's permission) and get it to grow in a container until the spring? I have plant lights/stand inside my house. Would I be successful doing that?

It seems to be thriving in the location/zone that I saw it and I've got several places that it would work wonderfully in my landscape and I rather fancy the way it looks.

Is it invasive like ivy?

Your opinions?


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Are you thinking of Creeping Raspberry (Rubus pentalobus also known as R. calycinoides) ?

Here is a link that might be useful: Good picture of it here

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Yeah, I think so. I went and looked at the link you suggested and compared it to some other things that I found on Google and they are all the same thing. Bramble was the name that Monrovia used and I came upon it by accident. No one at Starbucks had a clue as to what it was called. They just said it was there becuae it won't die when people run over it by accident. Oh well.

I like the way it looks and how it has different colors at different times of the year but doesn't die back. I need something that grows quick but isn't invasive like ivy (there is nothing I hate more than ivy).

If I get a few pinches from Starbucks, how can I propogate it so that in the spring I can put it in the ground....or can I root it now and get it in the ground in November? If so, how do I do that? I have grow lights that I use for over 100 AVs.


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I have lived with brambles in my old garden. IT IS RAMPANT.... In the right conditions it will grow a foot a week, minimum. The only way to get rid of it is by setting fire to it and burning the roots, seriously.

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Thanks for the warning.
My original question still remains unanswered though.
How would I get it to grow if I got a piece of it from the place that it is growing now?

The area that I have in mind for this would LOVE something that would grow that quickly and thick.

I'd welcome the achievement of being able to propogate it myself from a few pieces than having to purchase it from a nursery or store.


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You could try applying a little root hormone (HD sells it) to the cut stem and then stick it in some potting mix. Cover it in a plastic bag to retain moisture and put a rubber band around it.

I would suggest having a piece that is 2-3 inches long for this.

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I've got all that for my AV's (have almost 130 of them) so I think I might stop by Starbuck's tomorrow and take a pinch.


also - thanks for helping me identify the Milkweed on other forum.


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