Monster spiders EVERYWHERE!!!

candie1230(6b)August 30, 2013

Is anyone else having this problem? I have huge monster spiders everywhere this year. They're all between nickel and quarter size and they are building webs everywhere. And I'm not talking small webs I'm talking 10' webs and we are having to constantly knock down to walk through the yard.
I usually have one or two spiders in the garden but this year it's like omg I'm being overrun. I'm not the only one as well. My brother's gf that lives a few streets over from me has the same giant spiders too. I'm just wondering does everyone have the same problem this year or just my little section of the planet aka SW Ontario.
If I'm not the only one anyone know where they are all coming from? As I've said before I've NEVER seen this many spiders of this size before in one small area.
Thanks for any responses.

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I have seen some large ones too in my area of southern Ontario. Found one large one in a web on the neighbors window sill. He was done a web tunnel but came out when I was looking down it lol.
Along our Grand river more than one person has said they have seen huge spiders too. Maybe they are immigrating up here from way south. Our climates are changing :)

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I don't mind spiders...they do eat bugs that might bug us....but what I hate about them is they leave a helllofa mess with their droppings.
There are companies that can spray your home's outside to kill most what shows up and no damage need occur to your outside plants.....but it costs.

If you have a zoom lens on your camera you might like to take a close-up of one of your larger spiders. It can make a fine show if you care for that kind of thing. Frame your friends....give them the heebie-jeebies.

Otherwise, enjoy their industrious nature....appreciate how they build their webs and how fast they do it.
I cant do it....but hubby catches bugs just to throw into the web and watches the spider enjoy the catch.

Did you know that spiders do not eat their prey.....they inject into their meal which turns the meal into liquid, which they then drink. No teeth to worry about so no cavities.

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I have seen a couple of large wolf spiders. No big web spiders yet. I've only seen baby spiders in webs so far.

I admire webs too. Fascinating how precise they are. If I had to make one, it would not be so perfect.

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