Unknown Squash

groallDecember 14, 2013

I love growing Winter Squash....I was down visiting in California and found this squash at a local store.....the "clerk" told me it was a "Terri" squash, but I know that isn't it's name.....maybe the person who raised it........size, shape and taste similar to "Long Island Cheese" but not the look.....any help out there.......

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The only one I know with those markings is the small kabocha type Speckled Pup (C. maxima)

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Thanks for the posting.......but I know it's not Speclked Pup or Speckled Hound" I've grown both and they have a similar shape but smaller and both have more orange to red in their coloration......all of these they had at the store were similar in size with the same colors and pattern.....almost want to call them a "frog" squash with the colors they have......are loaded with a small seed about the size of a cucumber seed and not much else....

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Don't think it is a possibility but the kabocha type Hai is also speckled. Grey on dark green. Your photo shows some orange. Hai is a 7-8 lb variety.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hai squash

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To me it looks like Bliss, which is c. moschata like Long Island Cheese

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