Sweet Georgia Roaster Squash

shellie911(6)December 8, 2012

I have a really large Sweet Georgia Roaster squash. One of the large long things the color of pumpkin, kinda curvey looking. Anywhoo, I want to cut it up and figure out a way to freeze it. Can I possibly just chunck it up and freeze it that way? Or do I cook it down like a pumpkin? I have never tried one before and heard the are super delicious roasted and am ready to tackle cutting it up. I loved the uniqueness of it! I will be saving the seeds and going to try and grow this spring somehow! Thanks so much for your help!!!

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I would bake it until it's completely done. Scoop the flesh into the airtight freezing container of your choice, and just toss it in the freezer. Using individual serving freezer bags lets you thaw them out a bit at a time. This is the method I use but I always have my squash mashed when out of the freezer. I'm sure there's other ways but I'm generally making soups or mashes.

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Thank you so much I appreciate the info, sure was a big squash. Very tasty also!!!!

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