Mystery Flower

chisueAugust 20, 2011

Sorry I can't do a photo. I have a 'gift' flower amongst my coneflowers in a sunny garden. It's just shot up since the beginning of August. I'm 30 miles north of Chicago. Best I can describe:

Four feet tall. Multiple stalks from the base.

Leaves are single, green, not glossy, largest are 4" long, 1 1/2" inches wide at base, to a narrow tip, smooth edged, whitish underside.

Flowers are deep purple spikes made up of tiny individual blossoms. One spike at the tip of each stalk and other smaller spikes branching out. Top and largest spike about 6" tall.

My lawn man says it is a perennial, but he doesn't know the name.

Thanks for any ideas.

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sounds like maybe a liatris also known as gayfeather not sure but hope this helps

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jaco42 -- Thanks for your reply. I think I have identified it. It's Buddlea (sp). Glad some little bird decided to 'plant' it in my garden. Now I have to figure out when I can move it, as it's at the front!

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Glad you were able to id the plant. I am in N.E. Ohio and move the butterfly bushes anytime as long as I get a big enough rootball with them and keep watered till they settle in.

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