WANTED: Crepe Myrtle Dynamite

rubes1June 15, 2008

I recently planted 4 crepe myrtles (Dynamite) and they look like they are drying out. Any suggestions...I havent overwatered or put any fertilizer in them.

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gardendee(8b- FL)

With crepe myrtles, you not have to water constantly but you have to water deep. That means, give them a good soak every five days or so and make sure that they are not just wet on the surface by checking the soil around the tree with a trowel. Once they are established, you only have to water them in extreme drought. I give mine a tablespoon of epsom salt every 3 months for fertilizer while getting established and now, I only fertilize them once a year. My neighbor does not do a thing with his and they look great.
Crepe myrtles are very hardy and tough so I know yours will bounce back.

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