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maximus7116(MI)July 12, 2014

Lots of bright bloomers today.

RED SKELETONS. I moved this one this spring from a partially-shaded bed, and it really appreciated the relocation. Tall, thick scapes and nice branching.

JERRY HYATT with his FFOs:

TEMPORARY AND ETERNAL showing more of the polychrome effect. What a great daylily.

PLEASE SAY YES looking less bi-tone than normal:

NO BOYS ALLOWED with its first bloom ever:

WISPY RAYS demands attention:

ROBERT LEE BATT, another amazing performer from Hanson:


FRIEDA ALLEN JERRELL cooling off the bright daylilies today:

And not the prettiest frog I've had visit, but the first of the season:

CHIANTI LILIES with bee balm:


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You sure do have a visual feast going on there in your garden. The first 3 are wonderful, and I love Wispy Rays and Robert Lee Batt too!


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Wonderful pictures. Red Skeletons.....WOW!

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Beautiful! Love Red Skeletons. What's that behind it, also pretty! Such nice FFOs. And lovely last sunny pic with the lilies.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

RED SKELETONS just shouts :Look at me: loud colors and very pretty. and JERRY HYATT is a beauty, too.
ROBERT LEE BATT looks like a huge bloom and very pretty, too.
Them lilies are very pretty, too. I have some Oriental lilies been blooming. They almost finished now, too


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Thanks! I've been very happy with RS this year.

Nat, the daylily behind RS in the photo is Petticoat Frills.

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The lilies with the bee balm are very nice!

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Maryl zone 7a

I like the lilies. Great picture of the group....Jerry Hyatt has a lovely pattern and color in your picture. No Boys Allowed is my second favorite for the lovely graduation of colors from the throat to the petal tips. Nice ones all of them.......Maryl

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RED SKELETONS is very nice, a real eye catcher! PLEASE SAY YES is very pretty. How big is the flower? I love the color and form of ROBERT LEE BATT. WISPY RAYS is another garden stand out. Marg

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Thanks, Polymerous and Maryl. The lilies have been here longer than the daylilies, and still perform well.

Marg, Please Say Yes is registered as 6" but I'm not sure it's quite that big here. It does have a great bud count, so I don't mind the flowers not being huge.

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Fear Not seems to always have flawless flowers. Yes, I think Please Say Yes is closer to 5 1/2 inches. Of course, this year everything seems smaller.

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I would like to take a walk through your garden today, Chris. So many lovely ones. I really like the way Red Skeletons looks. Fear Not is always a favorite, No Boys Allowed looks huge. Wispy Rays outdid itself in my garden this year, and yours looks like it is really doing well. I love your lilies...they are beautiful.

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Kay, you're welcome any time! Yes, NBA is enormous and was a nice maiden bloom, although it was a long time coming and I almost gave up on it.

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shive(6b TN)

I'm happy to see you finally got a bloom on No Boys Allowed, and it's a beaut! Mine still has not put up a scape this year. But at least it survived the winter in a pot. Temporary and Eternal looks wonderful. That's one I bought three years ago and have never seen bloom. It may or may not have survived the winter. I have one in a pot with a faded label that may be it, but it also has not scaped. I think my favorite is Robert Lee Batt. I grow that one too, but it has lived so many years in a pot that the plant is somewhat weakened. I love that precious little froggy!


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Sorry to hear about your NBA. I don't have many buds, but the bloom is enormous. T&E is such a great daylily, so I hope yours survived. I think you like polychromes, right? It's a good one. RLB has always done ok here, but this is definitely its year. It's loaded with buds and seems to have exploded on the scene after about five years here.

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deangreen(7b OK)

Hi I like maximus and please say, and well all the red ones! ha they are all very nice a bold!! thanks for posting. :)

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