Veg./herb plants that attract moths/caterpillars

JimR36(5b CO)January 23, 2012

First off, I'm looking to avoid increasing the population of moths/caterpillars in my garden, not increase them. It looks like I need to be better familiar with what attracts them though.

I was thinking of trying some new plants this year - mostly herbs - that are also edible. But I started to realize that they may be counterproductive. For example, I was going to plant milk thistle, but then found out that they attract sphinx moths / hornworms. I'm sure they'll come back anyway this year due to tomatoes, but maybe I can reduce the chances by being careful with the other plants.

Does anyone know about borage, lemon balm, and nasturtium, as far as helping or making matters worse? I know the first two attract bees, but I'm not sure how the three factor in with moths/caterpillars.

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JimR36(5b CO)

This seems to be one of the deadest areas of this forum. I wonder why people from the the Gulf coast states don't visit here and comment more often...

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Jim, where are you located? Linda lives in Rockport, she is our herb expert. You might want to post your questions regarding herbs on the Gardening in Texas forum. Barbra

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I will be going down to Rockport next weekend, if Linda has not responded by then, I will go to her house so she can post a replay. She knows everything about herbs ,caterpillers, and host plants. Barbra

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Thanks for the compliments Barbra! I plant to attract butterflies! I love them. But if you are interested in what attracts them in order to avoid them, check out the following article that I posted on Rockport Herbies Blog. And here is some more information courtesy of The Herb Companion.

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JimR36(5b CO)

Thanks honeybunny2 and company. I'm around Houston, but I believe the zone and weather are quite close to those around Rockport.

Yeah, seeing what attracts them is a great tool to know what to avoid (for my approach). I've already found rosemary to be a problem. It looks like I'll need to rethink and maybe reconsider the thyme, sage, nasturtium, and oregano.

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