Suggestions for Shade tolerant azaleas

char35January 13, 2009

I have a flower bed getting filtered west sun in the afternoon. My Red Ruffels have failed to thrive over the years. Anyone with recommendation for more shade tolerant variety for the Houston area?

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Is that the ONLY sun they're getting?

What type of soil there? What is the pH?

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I have "Pride of Mobile" growing in deep shade and they flower heavily, some are pretty old. "George Tabor" is another one of my favorites which does well in shade.

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susangarrison(8b FL Panhandle)

As a general rule, I'm told that the large varieties can tolerate sun, whereas the dwarfs must have shade. However, I've had problems with Red Ruffles too. I planted 40 around a large oak, added 6 inches of topsoil plus generous amount of mulch, kept watered well the first year, but two years later only had about 7 or 8 still living and they were rather pitiful. In another area I have one growing that's been there 20 years and never gets watered. The difference isn't lighting, but proximity to tree roots. Unfortunately, I can't recommend another dwarf azalea for you. The ones mentioned above are large varieties--both are favorites of mine and easy growers. George Taber is especially beautiful paired with Formosa.

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We saw some "Gumpo" azaleas (only get about 1.5 ft tall) that specified shade while walking through a nursery today. Small leaves, big white or pink flowers.

Here is a link that might be useful: A little info

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Thanks for all the feed back! I've got it done!! I ended up removing a tree that was close to the house and creating most of the shade problem. Hated to do it, but I have another 17 trees. I get enough sun now for the Encores and some Fashions. I have a pine bed further out from the house and next year I'll put a George Tabor in that bed and let it get as big as it wants.

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Would love to see pics! I've finally gotten my yard cleaned up and am now ready to add plants. I'm thinking azaleas, but I've not had much luck with them in the past. I do like the Encores, with they're 3 seasons of blooms. If I go with azaleas, I was thinking of mail ordering them. I thought I might have a better chance of knowing exactly what variety I'm getting. Any advice?

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