Broccoli in spring garden good idea?

kumquatladyJanuary 14, 2011

Do you grow broccolies in the Spring in z9? I don't want to invite troubles like cabbage worms and flies but I am very tempted. I want to hear your opinions. Thanks.

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Well, I am doing an experiment growing broccoli for the first time but I planted the seedlings in the fall. I had read it is a cool crop so if you want to plant and live in Florida, I suggest to start now. Here is a very helpful link from UF

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I think so, it is one of our most productive garden crops. We first plant them in the fall and we are now getting a good crop. And they will continue to grow and product until it starts to get hot in May or so. We have never had bug problems.

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I've never had too much success with spring planting of broccoli. Once the days stay consistently in the 80's, they tend to bolt. However, I have planted some in January, picked in early March, but the heavier crop is when I plant in late October and harvest in Dec/Jan. I am in 8b/9A zone.

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